LRS fertility frenzy poster davana - reefsA new product announcement from Larry DuPont and the team at LRS Reef Frenzy: after their third revision and plenty of trial and error, the company has perfected their new fish food, which they are dubbing the  “LRS Fertility Frenzy: Who’s Your Daddy blend”.  The latest incarnation of the popular frozen food has an even higher protein and fatty acid content than before, and aquarists are getting great results.

The food’s success is due to its unique ingredient list and preparation; as well as active probiotics and a bunch of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements, LRS foods are made up of human-grade seafood, including peeled shrimp, fresh clams, wild-caught ocean perch, bay scallops, PE Mysis®, and pacific plankton.
LRS food closeup davana - reefsIn January 2015, LRS added fresh California blackworms and marine fish eggs to the blend and shipped out samples to members of a few well-respected organizations: the Marine Breeding Initiative, the Rising Tide Conservation Project, and Clownfish Breeding USA, all of whom have since reported that their fish are happier, healthier, and breeding more proficiently and successfully.

The seafood is only 1-2 days old when it is fast-frozen to minimize protein denaturation and the physical damage caused by ice crystals forming within the food. Evidence points to the suggestion that the fresh (versus previously frozen) seafood ingredients used contain more intact proteins and amino acids.

This new food is slated to be released in October of this year, but LRS will have a booth at MACNA 2015 with information, testimonials, and videos showing the fish’s feeding reaction. I invite you to stop by and visit Larry and his team with any questions you may have!


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