LRS corrected fish eggs - reefsThe long-awaited and much-anticipated announcement has been made: for a limited time only, LRS Foods will have fresh marine fish eggs available. This is a project that owner Larry DuPont has been working on for quite some time; LRS buys large quantities of fresh seafood from its suppliers, and was able to convince two of them to sell the company their entire allotted harvest for the season. These are the same eggs sold to restaurants for human consumption – they may be the freshest in the aquarium trade.  With shredded fresh clams and their juice added for viscosity, they are certainly “a supplement to entice finicky eaters”. The Fish Eggs have no preservatives, dyes, or coloring agents added, and will be available within the month. LRS has sent samples of the egg and clam blend to an accredited laboratory for nutritional analysis; as soon as the data sheets return, the package labels will be off to the printer. The expected shipping date is March 14th – be sure to look for the brand-new packaging on this and other LRS foods.
LRS fish eggs close-up - reefs

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