Having algae problems? Aiptasia? Sticky Detritus? Any other eye-soring, nasty buildup on your live rock? This brand new, patent-pending device that debuted at MACNA floor in Dallas could be the ultimate answer for getting rid of unwanted algae and pests…

I spoke with Algae Mower Vac creator, mister Kong Ho and he was happy to demonstrate and talk about his invention . This little device consist of four main parts: a handle with extendable tube (from 6 to 36”), a power supply that takes 9V battery, a sponge filter to collect the nasty stuff and the heart of the unit, a water-sealed pump with drill bit attached to it.

You may now wonder what’s so cool about it- one flip of a switch turns on the little motor and Algae Mower comes to life. The drill bit inside the transparent tube starts spinning and the pump sucks water into the tube, expelling it on the other end where the little sponge filter sits. When the drill bit touches algae, it literally tears off part of it and the free floating particles get suck into the tube, travel through the pump and get trapped on the sponge, while clean, particle-free water returns to the tank.

The drill bit inside the Algae Mower destroys any type of algae growing on rocks, as well as aiptasia, mojano anemones and other unwanted pests. But that’s not all it can do- attach the siphon tube at one end of the pump, a little filter sock on the other and Algae Mower transforms into an automatic gravel and sand cleaner!


The unit costs $68.99 and can be purchased in official store (link below)

Algae Mower Vac was one of the most interesting new products on MACNA floor and we will be working hard on getting one for full review, so stay tuned. You can check more videos of Algae Mower Vac in action and buy it by visiting it’s website: http://www.algaemower.com/



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