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Aqamai is a completely new line of products by the Italian manufacturer Hydor Group, and like its parent company,  Aqamai products are designed and made in Italy. Hydor Group first introduced the brand to the public at Interzoo 2016, and is targeting a specific client base with Aqamai – a modern reefer that cares about both looks and functionality in aquarium equipment.

The company plans to release two flagship products this fall – a circulation pump and a LED light. Both devices have some interesting features, including a built in WiFi module and a corresponding mobile app to remotely control each one’s functions.

Aqamai KPS propeller pump

Aqamai KPS propeller pump

The LED light, named Aqamai LRM, was the shining star at the manufacturer’s booth, and for good reason- the sleek, slim-form LED panel showcases the beauty of Italian design. From a technical standpoint, Aqamai LRM is no “amateur” either- there are two clusters of 15 high power LED emitters sitting under a collective lens, grouped in 8 colors and 6 channels of control with a maximum energy draw of 80W. I saw the dedicated mobile app in action and it was intuitive and easy to understand. There is a manual mode where you can adjust the intensity and color spectrum of the light output, as well as a scheduler in the form of a weekly graph, much like we’ve seen in other companies’ lights’ apps.

Aqamai LRM LED light app

Aqamai LRM LED light app

The second product in the Aqamai lineup is called the KPS and it is a magnet mounted, swivel head propeller pump. As with the LRM light, the pump is fully controllable via a dedicated app, where you can control flow modes and create a complete schedule of daily changes in flow patterns and intensity. KPS is a very compact pump, but Aqamai claims that it is able to produce between 370-1050 gph of flow, with a maximum energy use of 10 W.

Aqamai is an interesting new addition to the market, and may serve Hydor very well as the group’s high end brand and their most technologically advanced offering. We’ll see about that soon; Aqamai is planning to start selling their products in US by the end of this year.


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