MACNA 2016 Coverage: V2O Foods Booth

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macna2016- V2O Foods

V2O Foods is a fairly new company, yet its product line is impressively extensive. The brainchild of Ocean Nutrition founder Christopher Turk, V2O makes various foods, nutrition supplements, and feeding tools for the aquarium market. Ranging from the (as the owner explains himself) “Old Standard Frozen Products, such as Bloodworms, Brine Shrimp, Mysis Shrimp, Krill Pacifica, and others, to more specific frozen treats like Fish & Reef #1 that contains a myriad of fresh marine organisms, or a product called “Reef Caviar” made of Capelin (a small coldwater marine fish species) eggs.” The manufacturer offers a variety of food products for all your reef and freshwater aquarium inhabitants’ needs. Beside frozen treats, V2O also has a whole line of dry foods, various dried seaweed species, and four different liquid supplements.

V2O Foods booth

V2O Foods booth

Perhaps the most unusual and interesting product in the V20 line is their latest addition, called “nanoV soft freeze”. This fish food is offered in 6 different “flavors”: Reef Caviar, Mini Mysis shrimp, Krill Pacifica, Reef & Coral Combo, Zooplankton, and Microplankton. It is essentially a frozen food, but unlike “old-school” frozen foods, it comes ready-to-serve right out of the freezer.

V2O Foods Soft Freeze

V2O Foods Soft Freeze

NanoV foods don’t freeze solid because all the water has been taken out in the manufacturing process- what you’re left with is a concentrated product of jam- like consistency, devoid of preservatives and ready to use immediately.

Check out this gallery of pictures from the V2O Foods booth:

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