MACNA 2017: Reeflowers

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Reeflowers is a Turkish company that has been known in Europe for some time now, but the MACNA show in New Orleans marked its first US appearance. In addition, they partnered with Cobalt Aquatics to distribute their line of products here in America.Reeflowers

The company makes, amongst other products, a wide range of saltwater additives and supplements, as well as three types of salt mixes. They have a set of Ca, Alk, and Magnesium liquid solutions for Balling method of dosing, but also other trace elements and various organic and inorganic compounds that help corals grow and stay healthy.

The most interesting thing I learned about their offerings is the salt mixes that I just mentioned. All three varieties, the Caledonia Mineral Salt, the Caledonia Reef Salt, and the Ionic Mineral Salt, are made out of natural ingredients sourced from evaporated natural seawater enriched with high purity minerals. It will be interesting to see how this kind of salt fares in comparison to the other salts on the market.

There is very little info about pricing and availability of Reeflowers products, but since they now have a US distributor, you can expect to see some of their goods on virtual and physical shelves in the nearest future. To learn more about Reeflowers product line, visit:

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