MACNA 2017: ORA display tanks

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ORA reef tank

If you ever attend a MACNA show and want to see a beautiful display full of fish and corals in all the colors of the rainbow, do yourself a favor and visit ORA (Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums)’s booth. Every time they show up at an aquarium industry event, they steal the show with their amazing aquariums full of their captive bred animals, and this year was no different. The two reef tanks featured on the show floor in New Orleans were simply stunning, to the point that it attracted so many people passing by I had a hard time getting a clear shot to take some photographs.

ORA reef tank

Every living creature displayed in ORA show tanks is captive bred and raised. The company catalog grew exponentially in the last few years and now consists of over 100 different fish species and varieties, 101 hard corals, 24 varieties of soft corals, and dozens of other reef-dwelling animals. We had a chance to see some of ORA’s new additions at MACNA 2017 in New Orleans, like the tiny and colorful Yellow Cardinalfish (Ostorinchus luteus) and the recently released Lightning Maroon Clownfish. In terms of corals, the mesmerizing ORA Yellow Tip Stag, with its green-yellow body and bright pink polyps, and my personal favorite, the ORA Stellar Stylophora, occupied the focus plane of the larger display tank.

ORA reef tank

ORA easily won our hearts and we were thrilled to award them with our “Best of Show” award for their continuous efforts to bring us beautiful and healthy captive bred animals and of course, for the stunning reef tanks they featured at the show.

It’s hard to take your eyes off of ORA show tanks and even though you can’t really capture the whole beauty of their setups, here are some of the photos I selected for this article:

Visit to see the entire catalog of animals they breed and propagate and stay tuned for more news from MACNA 2017!

ORA reef tank ORA reef tank ORA reef tank ORA reef tank ORA reef tank ORA maroon clownfish ORA reef tank ORA reef tank ORA reef tank ORA reef tank ORA reef tankORA reef tank ORA reef tank clownfish

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