MACNA 2018 : Paul Poeschl : Misconceptions of Marine Parasites and Solutions

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Paul Poeschl of Apex Aquarium Consulting is someone that I respect greatly. It’s very time consuming and energy draining trying to argue your way through the ignorance and sheer amount of misinformation online, but he’s one of the good ones constantly fighting that hard fight for everyone that’s in need or for those who want to learn. Dubbed as “the research”, his answers are mostly proven, peer reviewed methods that have been published in science articles. Paul has been in this industry well over a decade working in various different places, both in public sectors as well as private sectors. The most well known places that many of us would be familiar would be liveaquaria, diver’s den, and the Sharks exhibit at Mandalay Bay Aquariums. He’s an expert in quarantine, promoting the ethical care of animals, enhancing their ability to adapt and to acclimate into captive life. For this video, he got together with me to address some of the misconception in the hobby about parasites, quarantine, and fish.

Enjoy guys!



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