Welcome to the second segment of Eye Candy: MACNA edition. I have even more pictures of beautiful corals and other invertebrates (and one particular fish) to share with you. There is really no shortage of photographic subjects of the tiny, colorful kind when attending any reef-oriented trade show, but MACNA truly is something special.

All major players in the coral vendors “champions league” were present and everybody wanted to show their absolute best livestock. We spectators and potential buyers can only be thankful for that, so I would like to extend my personal thanks for all the cool people working at these booths that were patient and helped me get the best shots possible. Big kudos to all of you! Featured in this segment:

  • Rob’s Reef
  • AJ’s Aquariums
  • Reefprostore.com
  • Jason Fox Signature Corals
  • CoralSelerz.com
  • Gator Coral

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