MACNA 2019 Orlando Coverage: Planet Aquariums Crystaline aquarium line

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Planet Aquarium is known for making impressively large custom aquariums and matching filtration systems, but the company also manufactures quite a few standard-sized aquariums, on top of which stands the ultra-premium Crystaline series. I had a chance to see the largest in this line, a 3’x8′ footprint monster of a tank, and to bother Planet Aquarium’s Sales and Marketing Manager friend Joe Chang for a walkthrough of this reef tank’s main features.

Two things I found particularly interesting and attention-grabbing were:

  1. the tank is rimless, which is an absolute marvel when you consider the fact that it’s 96” long, 24” deep, 21” tall and roughly 210g in volume (242 gallons total system volume)
  2. instead of a traditional glass bottom panel, it has one made of 1” thick PVC panel, which makes the tank structurally stronger, more impact-resistant, and significantly lighter; the PVC base has a mitered edge in order to create maximum surface area for the silicone to adhere to the side panels while also protecting the bottom edge of the tank’s walls

The tank has a back-mounted ultra-slim external overflow box with lid, a low iron front glass panel, a Planet Aquarium owned Tideline series sump, and a plumbing kit for a full plug & play experience.

Equally impressive is what the Crystaline tank sits on- the custom built cabinet is made out of solid maple hardwood and available in 9 different colors, including 6 natural wood finishes, 2 paint colors (white and grey), and an unfinished option for those who want to go fully custom with their stand look. It comes completely assembled and feels rock-solid when inspected in-person (I build stuff for a living and trust me, I know a well-built thing when I see one).

Both the tank and stand are made in the USA.

The Crystaline series tank from Planet Aquariums shown on the MACNA show floor proves that the company makes some of the best looking aquariums on this side of the Atlantic. Some more pics of this beauty below.

Please check back for more MACNA 2019 Orlando news and thanks for reading my stuff.

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