MACNA 2022: Neptune Systems unveil Mobius Module and MUCH more!

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Equipment, MACNA | 2 comments

Let’s face it. We knew that this was inevitable right?

Ever since the marriage of Ecotech Marine and Neptune Systems was announced, many control freaks were holding their breath for the return of WXM module that allowed the Apex faithfuls to control their favorite lights, wave makers, and return pumps in their favorite user interface, united as one.

There are currently only 2 of these units available in the world!


We knew it was in the works, we just didn’t know when.

That is, until MACNA where they decided to unveil this big announcement at their annual breakfast.

After hearing this, I couldn’t just sit so I ran over to my good friend Tom at Neptune to discuss the new MXM which makes all Mobius products (which includes AI products) compatible with the Apex Fusion interface as well as a few of their latest offerings.

Check it out!

Would you get this or stick with Mobius? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Bobby

    I would try the MXM cuz the Mobius app kinda sucks! I have a whole bunch of Mobius products and I have nothing but problems with connecting to them and the app connecting with them when you open the app. I would also like for everything to be on 1app.

  2. Martin Chiaravalloti

    The primary advantage to the MXM would be remote access. Integration into the Fusion app is a plus too.

    I see many posters complaining about connecting to devices with Mobius, but in my experience sometimes you just have to get closer to the tank for everything to communicate properly. Sometimes devices have to be re-started to reinitialize Mobius.

    There have also been rumors that Ecotech would roll out an upgrade to Mobius that would add remote access via WIFI.

    It seems obvious that Neptune is having severe problems with the MXM module, which is the only explanation for the ongoing release delay. I’d like to see better communication from Neptune to it’s customers detailing the reasons for the delay in the release of MXM.

    I’d also like to see Neptune providing more insight about developmental initiatives and even see them solicit suggestions from it’s user base.


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