There are quiet a few products in our hobby that are definitely necessary when setting up a system. What people fail to realize is that every system, sump, and overall tank is set up differently and things react differently depending on both the system and the mix of various equipment.

What I really liked from Ryan Snodgrass of Slide Loc is that he is an avid reefer who was fed up with the inadequacies of certain products and decided to do something about it.

At MACNA 2022, I was able to check out what he had to offer in skimmer accessories, and I wasn’t disappointed! With his products, you can fully customize the level of the foam in order to get the most out of your skimmer without worrying about creating too much of wet skim or cutting too much power from your pump to reduce the air ratio of your skimmer, which in turn can compromise the amount of air exchange that the skimmers need. I took some time to check out more products at their booth and the more I looked, the more I became impressed by Ryan’s practical approach to the hobby.

Take a look, let me know what you think of the products shown here, and tell me what do you see yourself using in your system(s).

Happy reefing!

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