MACNA 2022 : Smarter Reefs

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Having been in the industry for years, there are few things in the hobby that still surprise me when it comes to designs of certain products.

Many of them are tried and proven designs and shapes developed over decades of the hobby – things like protein skimmers and calcium reactors come to mind.

So imagine my surprise when I saw a full size skimmer in a rectangle box shape, with no skimmer cup but with filter roller that will auto clean itself instead.

Intrigued yet?

I certainly was.

That was not all. Just like their name, it really was all about reefing smart. The extremely modular design had many different ways to filter, especially considering how they integrated an algae scrubber in their overall unit that combines together with the skimmer. I went to their booth to learn more about this unit, how it works, its cost, and where to get it!

Let me know what you think down below!


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