MACNA Coverage: Fluval Prototype Nano Tanks

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Fluval showed off their prototype nano aquariums line for the first time at this year’s MACNA in Dallas. I’ve been told they’re so new they don’t yet have a name for them. Following the recent trend for nano tanks, Fluval line featured three glass tanks of approximate volumes: 15, 24 and 35g standing on a modern wood stand. The quality of both tank and stand is quite impressive and one particular design element caught my eye- the side and front glass panels’ bottom and top part were frosted to hide the sand bed and the water line. All the filtration sits in the back of the tank- the mechanical stage, fluval skimmer and return pump are all going to be included. In addition to that, Fluval nano tanks will use their latest LED lights, the Nano LED in the 15g model and rectangular Fluval LED strips in the 25 and 35g models (check my review of Fluval LED here:

The new aquarium line is expected to be released in February 2013. Seems like Fluval is thinking seriously about saltwater reef hobbyist and their nano kits is just another prove to that. More news from Fluval MACNA booth coming soon!

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