MACNA Coverage: Red Sea new line of large aquariums

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Red Sea plug-and-play family of aquariums grew with a whole new line of large systems called Max-S series and Red Sea’s MACNA booth had one on display. This beautiful, modern design aquarium comes in three sizes, 400l (110g), 500l(135g) and 650 (175g). Built of 1/2″ glass (5/8″ for the 650l) with low-iron glass front and side panels, the tank is a true head-turner. The trim of the aquarium perfectly matches the lacquered stand and this combination comes in 6 color choices: four metallic finishes in graphite,ultra marine (blue), merlot (red), silver and two gloss- pearl white and black. The polyutherane paint finish used on the stand and trim resembles the one used in automotive manufacturing, making it uniform and resistant to saltwater. The tank sits on an aluminum frame support skinned in wood panels and what’s interesting, the front and side panels as well as aquarium trim are removable, which means you can replace the trim with a different color if you want to. In addition, the three doors accept hinges on both sides so it’s possible to customize the door swings to specific needs.

Red Sea build their tank on an all-in-one, plug&play principals, meaning when you decide to get one, you’re buying a complete system with all necessary reef equipment, plumbing and lighting included. The Max-S series is no different, each model having a dedicated sump, standard US schedule plumbing, a T5 fixture, return and circulation pumps as well as protein skimmer. Speaking of, all three sizes use Red Sea C-Skim 1800 skimmer.

Inside the stand sit sump and control panel with switches and timers to operate all electric devices supporting life in the tank. There is only one plug for the entire system and you can connect additional equipment to the extra outlets in the control panel itself.

Red Sea Max-S tank are lit by a combination of T5 bulbs and LED moonlight. There are two 4xT5 panels across the front and back as well as 2xT5 plus LED moonlight in the middle for the total of 390Wfor the 400l, 540 W for the 500l and 800W of power for the 650l. The light fixture swivels and slides on the tank rim for easy access when doing maintenance.

Red Sea Max-S  line of tanks are an engineering and design marvels and anyone who is looking for a new system and can afford this beauty (I’ve been told that the largest, 650l complete system will retail in US for about $4700) should consider what Red Sea has to offer. Read more about Max-S series by visiting Red Sea website at:

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