Sicce booth at MACNA featured some brand new products, as well as their flagship LED lights and pumps. Water flow enthusiasts should check the new Voyager line of pumps and their dedicated Wave Surfer controller. The pump line consist of eight models targeted for different tank sizes and flow requirements. The smallest Voyager 1 push 265-607 gph and differ from the rest of the line in propeller head design. Next in line are Voyager 2-3-4 pumps, rated at 800-1200-1600 gph, respectively. Those models have a unique flow restrictor at the head , by turning it you can restrict the gph ratio and create a swirling flow pattern.

For larger tanks, the Voyager HP line consist of four models, HP 7 pushing 2800gph, HP 8 with 3200 gph, HP 9 with 3600 gph and HP 10 pushing 4000gph.

All pumps in Voyager line have magnetic mounts and fine level of positioning adjustment ( they can be rotated full 360 degrees, as swivel up-down 180 degress). Sicce promises silent operation and low power consumption, with only 6W draw for Voyager 1 up to 25W for the largest Voyager 10 (full technical data for each pump can be found here:

The new line of pumps come with a dedicated Electronic controller named Wave Surfer. It has two outlets for pumps up to 100W each (sicce Voyager and Syncra pumps as well as any other controllable pumps can be hooked up to it). Wave Surfer has several pre-programmed switching intervals, a feeding and night modes, creating user control wave patterns in the tank.

Another new product from this Italian Company is coral food called HyperKoral. It’s a liquid additive intended for daily feeding of SPS corals. According to sicce, HyperKoral is a complete nutrition management for SPS, packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It doesn’t elevate nitrate levels and thanks it’s unique liquid form, can’t be easy removed by a protein skimmer, staying longer in the system. What’s interesting is that sicce claims their food differs from other available on the market by containing only the L amino acids.

Typical coral food contains both L and D amino acids, but corals and other reef building animals only uses the L amino acids, while the D ones are quickly consumed by cyanobacteria, creating unwanted blooms in the aquarium.

sicce also displayed their LED lighting Systems and several other products available on the market. Check Sicce US website for more info and availability of their new products at:

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