MACNA preview: ATI’s new controllable PowerCone I-Series Protein Skimmer

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MACNA preview: ATI's new controllable PowerCone I-Series Protein Skimmer

The ATI 250 PowerCone I-Series skimmer

ATI North America Unveils PowerCone I-Series Skimmer With a One-of-a-Kind Controllable Pump


September 7, 2011 – ATI North America announces the release of the 120V Version of PowerCone I-Series Protein Skimmer with a one-of-a-kind controllable pump. ATI Engineers in Germany have finished the design of the NEW Controllable Pump which will be a Standard Component for ALL 120V Versions of the ATI PowerCone I-Series.

“We are very proud to be able to finally announce the OFFICIAL release date of the new PowerCone I-Series Skimmers with Controllable Pump. Our Engineers feel confident that the 120V Version for the North American market has met ATI standards, but more importantly, we feel it will meet the standards of any hobbyist. I appreciate the patience of both hobbyists and ATI Dealers who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this great product, and I feel confident that it will be well worth the wait. ” said Oliver Pritzel, President of ATI.

ATI is scheduled to start shipping out units late October/early November.

Featuring several new cutting edge innovations, the ATI PowerCone I-Series Skimmer offers exceptional performance, unsurpassed efficiency and affordable pricing – making it a truly unbeatable value. The design features a controllable pump that allows the user to adjust the flow rate of the pump. This one of a kind pump combined with the innovative Grid-Wheel impeller puts the ATI PowerCone I-Series in a class by itself.

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Grid Wheel.jpgFeatures:
– I-Series Pump with Controller
– Digital Air Flow Meter with LED Display
– Grid-Wheel Impeller*
– Collection Cup
– Built-in Water-level Adjustment Valve
– Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

* Patent pending for Grid-wheel technology under German utility model DE202010003425. International claim priority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) still applies.

Product Specifications:
– Power Consumption: up to 35 watts
– Air Intake: 3000+ lph (800+ gph)
– Energy Efficiency: 90+ lph per watt
– Installation: In-sump only
– Recommended Water Level: Up to 9.0”

Unmatched Performance: The high volume of air flow combined with the Grid-Wheel impeller to chop it all up produces an incredible amount of tiny, waste removing bubbles – resulting in an extremely dense and uniform water-air mixture. And the design of the skimmer body also allows these bubbles to remain in contact with the water for a longer period of time resulting in a skimmer that easily outperforms much larger skimmers.The significantly higher surface area of the Grid-Wheel impeller also easily outperforms traditional needle-wheel impellers.

Unmatched Control: Offers even greater flexibility and control by allowing control of the speed of the pump and consequently the amount of water and air entering the skimmer body. By comparison most other skimmers can only be controlled by adjusting the water level inside the skimmer body.

Energy Efficient: Uses 35 watts of energy or less while pulling in 3000+ lph of waste removing air.
Stable Performance: Grid-wheel impeller produces consistent, long term performance as it won’t break apart and wear out like thread/mesh-wheel impellers.

Easy To Use: Built-in water-level adjustment valve and controllable pump allow for easy and precise fine-tuning of the skimmers performance.

Quiet Operation: Produces minimal noise due to innovative pump and skimmer body design and built-in air silencer.

Excellent Build-Quality: Constructed of high-quality materials and assembled using modern production techniques.

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