Macro Monday: Crustacean combo

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An emperor shrimp hanging out on its starfish host. Photo credit: Lemon TYK.

It’s the start of the week (where I am), and let’s face it – Mondays are the Snapples of the week. Snapple, as in the drink. Always great looking, but so meh tasting. So, like you, and the many others that find it difficult to trudge through the work week, I too am reluctant (and lazy); too lazy even to continue watching Dexter (I just finished a Breaking Bad marathon). So instead of long blog posts, i’ll leave you with a couple of macro shots I took over the weekend. I’ll call this series Macro Monday. Unoriginal name yes, but with original content no less. 


Emperor shrimp with his starfish steed. Photo credit: Lemon TYK.


A Harlequin shrimp with his starfish snack. Photo credit: Lemon TYK.


An uncommon boxer shrimp. Stenopus earlei. Photo credit: Lemon TYK.

So enjoy these few photos of invertebrates hanging out (or eating) other invertebrates. For more macro photographers, follow my instagram page @LemonTeaYK. Otherwise, see you next Monday!

  • Lemon T.Y.K

    Lemon is a reef fish fanatic with an academic diploma in biotechnology. Like many, he started toying around with the fresh water hobby but quickly grew into a proficient hobbyist in the marine scene. His passion for the natural world sees him travelling to far flung, exotic places, where his secondary love for photography comes in handy. At 23, Lemon is one of the youngest and most prolific fish writers, and is well known for his obsession with the wrasse genus Cirrhilabrus.


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