Feature Aquarium: Your Aquarium Could Be Featured Here!

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Advanced Aquarist’s Online Magazine is always on the lookout for
tanks to feature in our magazine each month.  If your tank is accepted for publication and published in
Advanced Aquarist, we will give you a $50 gift certificate to your
choice of one of our sponsors!

In order to submit your tank for potential publication, email a digital photo of your tank to Wade Lehmann along with a short description of your tank.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo Highlight of the Tanks Featured in 2005

January 2005: Terry Siegel

January 2005 Feature Aquarium: Terry Siegel

February 2005: Tony Huff

February 2005 Feature Aquarium: Tony Huff

March 2005: Raymond Koh

March 2005 Feature Aquarium: Raymond Koh

April 2005: Daniel Connor

April 2005 Feature Aquarium: Daniel Connor

May 2005: Rich Wynn

May 2005 Feature Aquarium: Rich Wynn

June 2005: Francis Cheah

June 2005 Feature Aquarium: Francis Cheah

July 2005: Ignasi Torralba

July 2005 Feature Aquarium: Ignasi Torralba

August 2005: D. Wade Lehmann — Sydney Aquarium

August 2005 Feature Aquarium: Wade Lehmann - Sydney Aquarium


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