Favorite Foods for Feeding Your Tank

by | Jan 15, 2007 | 0 comments

Just about every fish I’ve tried enjoy PE Mysis Shrimp. But I have to vary up their diet,
so I feed Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef (frozen) and Reef Nutrition Arctipods, with the occasional live brine shrimp as a “candy” treat.

Submitted by: Len

My “main stay” is plain ol’ flake food. But my banquii cardinal only eats frozen squid and mysis. Especially the squid.
I also feed frozen cylopeeze which is eaten by the fish as well as the corals and clam.
Those are served up with a turkey baster.
I also feed live phyto and rotifers which I culture in 2 liter jars. Which I just pour into the tank.
Finally the tangs do have access to live macros.

Submitted by: Bob

Frozen mysis,put in a bowl with aquarium water then a chunk of my concoction,-cyclopeze,marine snow,oyster eggs,formula one,formula two. frozen flat in a ziploc. Every 2 days.

Submitted by: btodd43

A few favorites that come to mind – PE Mysis, Cyclopeeze, Spirulina, Nori, Dulse, various fresh chopped seafoods…

Submitted by: ChrisRD

I make my own. I buy what is on sale at the seafood counter. Throw it in the blender with some freshly made saltwater, cyclopeeze, mysis, selcon, garlic extreem, some flake for color and blend.
Pour it in to mini ice cube trays and freeze.

Submitted by: Bingo

I make my own too. Sometimes I blend up a bunch of ocean fish and shrimp with selcon and various supplements, then freeze flat in a baggie, other times I just by frozen shrimp or fish and slice off pieces as I need them.

>At my grocery store I can buy individually wrapped frozen wild salmon pieced for 99 cents, and I find the portion size is just right to leave in the freezer and use up in a timely manner.

My anemone loves slivers of wild salmon.

Submitted by: Laura D

I use the hikari brand frozen foods ( mysis, brine, spirulina brine, bloodworms, daphnia, and krill), cyclopeeze, and the san francisco bay brand of frozen cyclops. I soak food in zeocon, vit C, and garlic…. and the wolf it down…. almost a frenzy!

Submitted by: LA Lawman

I feed frozen bloodworms…sometimes i blend some beef heart w/ liquid garlic, scatter them thinly on a plastic sheet and put them in the freezer. Here in the Philippines, we can buy lots of live tilapia. I set aside the fisheggs , put them in the ref and feed a pinch or two once in a while. Important thing is, I dont overfeed. I stop throwing in food when the fish dont catch them anymore.

Submitted by: Deo

I feed my tang, damsel, and convict blenny green marine algea everyother day. My christmas tree coral gets either Marine Snow, or Microvert every opposite day.

Submitted by: dadstank

I used to feed my fish a whole smörgåsbord of different foods (flake, bloodworms, mysis, brine). About 6 months ago I tried New Life Spectrum. My fish went nuts for it. Now with the exception of seaweed for my tang and angel, thats all I feed them. After 6 months they still snap it right up and their color is just beautiful.

Submitted by: turnburn


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