Hot Tips: Lighting Tips

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A selection of useful tidbits of information for the aquarist. Readers are encouraged to send their tips to [email protected] or to post them to our Hot Tips sticky in the General Reefkeeping Discussion forum for possible publication. Next month’s Hot Tip theme will be “Aquascaping“.


Lighting Tips

Keep ’em clean!

It sounds simple enough, but it’s surprising how many people let their open lamps and reflectors get all salted up… If I notice dried spray on the lights or surrounding area, I’ll wipe it down with a damp paper towel after they cool down at night.

— Author: Playfair

Quality reflector makes a huge difference. Most are incredibly inefficient and we end up paying a tons of money in electricity just lighting up the top of the canopy and the room.

— Author: dimaggio

When buying lighting get what you really want the first time instead of spending more the second.

— Author: Mikef

When I change out my lights, I write the date I install them ON the bulb. It’s easy with PC’s, I just write on the plastic base. It would work with MH as well, just take a sharpie and write on the top threads of the base. (where the metal meets the glass) That way, if I forget when I changed them, I have an easy reference.

— Author: Bingo

I regularly clean my MH bulbs. Instead of using water, use rubbing alcohol. It tears the salt spray right off and will evaporate leaving no film.

— Author: Emperator

Spectrum and Kelvin rating is important for tank health and asthetic purposes.

— Author: fishfanatic2

In a pinch, aluminum foil can be used as a reflector until another can be acquired.

— Author: BlennyBabe

If you can’t afford or get your hands on some decent reflectors for MH us galvanized AC duct.

It comes in large round sections that can be cut with tin snips or hack saw. Take pliers and pry the connections up and bend open. Some even come unassembled. Then using some screws apply to hood. Easy, cheap and great for heat dissapation.

— Author: Modo


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