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Mantis Shrimp Removal Tips:




Mantis shrimp. Photo by Nicolas Will.

The only way I could get the one out of my tank was soda water.

I pulled the rock out the mantis was in and dumped a 2 liter of soda water over
the rock.

The mantis came shooting out. I dipped the rock in old water change water and
back into the tank it went.

The mantis went into his own tank.

Submitted by: Bingo

I just took the whole rock he was in and put it in a 5 gallon bowfront nano.
Of course the rock was located on the bottom of all my rock in the 155 gallon

Picked up the 5 gal from the fish store, it came with a hood and a hang on filter.
Tossed in a heater, some old tank water, and a compact flourescent, a couple
of mushrooms, and viola! Instant end table conversation piece.


Submitted by: Laura D



Mantis shrimp. Photo by Nicolas Will.

I have also used this method. I had an idea of which rock the mantis was
in and removed it from the tank and put it in an empty bucket. I used a turkey
baster to shoot club soda into the holes in the rock. On the second hole the
mantis shot right out. I put the rock back into the tank, and the mantis into
a 5 gallon tank. Very simple and humane.

Submitted by: Meloco14

Yet another vote for the club soda method of eviction, except that I found
that using a turkey baster to really flood the holes in the rock is the fastest
way to get them to leave.

Submitted by: Lawdawg


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