Man cooks and eats flowerhorn cichlid

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Man cooks and eats flowerhorn cichlid

Stir-fried flowerhorn

Humans consuming cichlids is nothing new.  Fact is, some of the most consumed fish in the world, such as Tilapia, are cichlids.  It’s just that you don’t often (if ever) see people eating expensive ornamental cichlids.  Frying up a gorgeous flowerhorn may be conspicious consumption at its pinnacle (or is it nadir?).  In many parts of the world, people eat local fish many of us consider aquarium pets for nutrition.  However, eating a show-quality flowerhorn is clearly not about nutrition.

If you’re a flowerhorn lover or squeamish, you may not want to watch the video.  The video starts by showing the severed nuchal hump (the hallmark, fat-filled dome on the heads of flowerhorns). Note: While graphic, the video demonstrates no cruelty to the animal or else we would have refrained from publishing it.

Addendum: The issue of safety was raised in social media, so we would like to remind our readers that Advanced Aquarist does not encourage the consumption of aquarium fish due to the possible bio-accumulation of chemicals in aquarium fish tissue.

The poster of this video writes:

Things you should know about this post.
1) Yes its tasty..sweet and juicy..served hot right away from the pan, super delicious fried fish.
2) What do u mean cannot be eat? Fish is kind of food, that vivid and beautiful look doesnt mean you cant touch it.
3) Yes its expensive.
4) That hump on her head is nothing but fat. We remove them.
5) Why eat this fish ? What?..why LuoHan Fish !

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  1. Amartya Das

    this man is nothing more than an evil

    • Getta Grip

      LMFAO… for what, eating a fish?!


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