Man Poisons LFS Tanks, Kills $8,000 of Livestock!

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Man Poisons LFS Tanks, Kills $8,000 of Livestock!

Suspect caught on video poisoning fish tanks

According to the Helena Independent Record, a man enters Underwater World and engages in a friendly conversation with shop owner, Bob Kavajecz.  Later, while Kavajecz was tending to other business, surveillance video catches the man sprinkling a mysterious powder into several tanks, then exits the shop without saying goodbye to Kavajecz.  Shortly after, Kavajecz notices mass mortality in his holding tanks.

“This guy was throwing it in and watching to see if they were dying yet”

Kavajecz believes the chemical may have been dry chlorine bleach.  “This guy was throwing it in and watching to see if they were dying yet,” he said.  ““When you see it, it is sickening. I can hardly watch it without crying.”

If you have any information about the man shown in the video snapshot above, please contact Helena police at 406-442-3233 or leave an anonymous tip via Crimestoppers by calling 406-443-2000 or visiting  Please “like” or “send” or tweet this to get the word out.  Let’s serve justice to this pitiful excuse for a human being.


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