Man steals fishes from LFS ... by stuffing them down his pants

Cruz Garcia Jr caught in the act.

On January 9, 2018, Cruz Garcia Jr entered the LFS with his accomplice, Crystal Dixon.  While Dixon distracted the attending store clerk, Kayla Kraut, Garcia Jr netted and bagged numerous Blue Acaras and GBRs.  Garcia Jr. then shoved the bag of stolen fish down the front of his pants, and the two thieves made a hasty escape out of the store.

Security cameras recorded the entire theft, and Kraut was able to identify the getaway car’s license plate number.  Garcia Jr was arrested on January 19 while police are still searching for Dixon.  Sadly, the fish were not recovered.

We hope LFS-heists isn’t a strange trend developing in West Florida.  Just last month, another man was charged with grand theft for stealing expensive corals from an LFS in St. Petersburg, FL.


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