You don’t want to miss this! Pieces of the Ocean will be having a pre-Black Friday LIVE SALE here at on Saturday, November 20, 4:00-9:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

This isn’t just a sale, but a full-on event, with a live chat, games, and prizes!

There will also be some ridiculous specials, like 80% off, and $10 corals. It’s going to be great! Hope to see you there!


About POTO:


At Pieces of the Ocean, we are obsessed with quality. POTO believes that happy, healthy corals lead to even happier customers. But for us, quality doesn’t stop with our corals and fish. We strive for a quality shopping experience from start to finish. That means accurate photos that represent coloration and condition honestly, and customer service that is eager to please if any issue may arise, at any stage of your purchase.

POTO Conditioned

We also believe that every coral going into your aquarium should be pre-conditioned to thrive in captivity. That is why we only ship the highest quality of corals that meet the following conditions:

Depending on the type of coral, our specimen will possess puffiness in flesh, extended polyps or tentacles, signs of growth around the base, and colors that are a good representation of the specimen. In short, our conditioning of corals will mean that they are ready to thrive in a well-maintained and established aquarium.


Hassle-Free DOA Guarantee

We understand that corals are delicate and demanding creatures, and sometimes things don’t work out the way we intend them in this hobby despite our best efforts. We also understand that shopping for corals online can be stressful (for you and the corals). That’s why we now have a Hassle-Free DOA Guarantee policy.

14-Day Stay-Alive Guarantee

Our commitment to offering the highest quality in corals gives us the confidence that the corals you receive will continue to thrive in your aquarium. If, in the extremely rare occasions that they don’t, we offer you our industry-leading 14-Day Stay-Alive Guarantee.

Mission Statement

A Piece of the Ocean for Every Aquarium

Core Values

Passion – We love what we do.

Curiosity – Curiosity makes us a student of the game. It keeps us grounded and humble.

Hard Work – There is no substitute for hard work in reef keeping. But the reward is immense for us and our customers.

Caring – Growing corals requires a caring hand. Happy coral, happy customer.

Quality – Quality is the only way and the POTO way.

Growth – We continue to grow ourselves so we can be better at growing corals.


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