MASNA 2018-2019 Scholarship Runner up: J. Alexander Bonanno

by | Oct 17, 2018 | MACNA, Sustainability, Video | 0 comments

  • Did you know that MASNA (parent organization of MACNA) gives yearly scholarship awards to the brightest and most creative young minds in our marine industry? I covered this last year and was so impressed that I decided to do more this year. Why is this so important? Because these young minds give us a glimpse of the future and what to expect a few years down the road. Who knows, we may even be shaking hands and have good conversation with the next Julian Sprung or Charles Delbeek. There were so many promising proposals, ideas, and research, and I was fascinated and eager to present them to you. For this video, I got together with Alex Bonanno of Roger Williams University. He and his team have a unique approach to detect if a fish was caught by using cyanide. This is BIG news for many vendors and should be big news to you, as we will get healthier, ethical, and more sustainable collection of fish that you don’t have to worry about dying on you suddenly. Check this video out. Let me know what you think!


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