Maxspect Riptide Demoed on Video from Interzoo

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We’ve already made mention of the interesting new Riptide Gyre Generator that is on the way from Maxspect, but given its unique design and flow patterns, we figured this video shot at Interzoo would help visualize just how different and potentially better the pump is from other water moving devices. As demoed, the gyre generator mounts to a wall of the aquarium and can be positioned a whole bunch of different ways depending on the aquarium’s needs (for the sake of simple conversation, we’ll discuss it as if it were in the horizontal orientation). It draws in water from below and expels it perpendicularly, effectively creating both horizontal and vertical water movement. As the water circulates, it creates a swirling gyre, which moves large volumes of water but in a very gentle way. The ping pong balls in the display aquarium can be seen in this rotational flow, and it appears that all of the water in the tank is moving, meaning there are few dead spots in the corners and other places where they typically occur. Various surface whirlpools are created on the opposite end of the aquarium as the water starts its downward movement, and there plenty of surface agitation to facilitate gas exchange. The Maxspect Riptide is set to officially launch to the public sometime in August, and all of the product literature indicates there will be at least four models MORE: Maxspect Riptide Demoed on Video from Interzoo

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