Since the Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) was started in 2009 its goal has been to share breeding information openly and to award breeders for their accomplishments. Breeders create journals on the MBI site to keep track of their work with specific broodstock pairs. As breeders progress they can submit reports for several milestone events including: spawn, hatch, settlement, and 60 days Post-settlement. Each report is reviewed by the MBI Council and Report Review Board and must be approved by three people from that group before points are awarded.

Late in the evening of March 16, 2013 the 1000th report was approved! The 1000th report was for the hatch of sea slug, Elysia diomedea, eggs by MBI breeder Gordon Greenley.

Elysia diomedea

Elysia diomedea

Gordon’s breeding journal can be seen here:

Congratulations to Gordon for having the 1000th approved report and thanks to all of the breeders that have openly shared their breeding information as well as to the members of the MBI Council and Report Review board for all of their work.

If you’d like to learn more about captive breeding please visit the MBI site:

The MBI will also be hosting the 4th Annual Marine Breeder’s Workshop in July:

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