Part of the MBI’s goal is to promote captive breeding of new species that haven’t been done before and to recognize the efforts of those that succeed. To be granted a species first award, the breeder must be able to provide proof of the date of the success via a verifiable third party publication including, books, scientific journals, online forums, or the MBI system. Extremely detailed Journals within the MBI are required for this award. When granted a Species First Award, a star medal will be applied over regular success icon to indicate that it is a Species First.

The MBI Council is proud to register and confirm the following Species First awards:

Oxymonacanthus longirostris: Matthew Pedersen, 20091st-Oxymonocanthus


Sepia bandensis: Richard Ross, 2007 Sepia bandensis 1st


If you have proof of success for a species that has not been done before please fill out a journal and reports for your work and submit a request for a Species First here:

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