Last month Sea & Reef released a new captive bred designer (January 2023), which is an exclusive designer clownfish that as far as we know, has never been seen before.

The greatly reduced black pigment makes them very distinct from the regular DaVinci Clownfish. The reduced pigment give the fins a smoky appearance. Also, the lack of black pigment between the white body and the intense orange face presents a clean and distinct look. Through selective breeding Sea & Reef has introduced the Tangerine Albino mutation to their DaVinci Clownfish that have been available for several years. The Tangerine mutation is considered albino because they are hypomelanistic, meaning there is a considerable reduction or lack of black pigment in the fish. Tangerine albinism is expressed as a lack of black pigment between the white body of the fish and the orange face coloration. The black pigment is also strongly reduced on the fishes fins. The fact that some black pigment is still visible in the fins and eyes would suggest that the mutation did not destroy the melanin synthesis pathway completely. Nevertheless, the Tangerine Albino DaVinci Grade A Clownfish is considered an albino clownfish. MORE

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