Meet the New Octo Pulse Wavemakers

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octopulse wavemaker

Reef Octopus is adding two new aquarium wavemakers to their ever expanding line of aquarium products. Meet the Octopulse Wavemakers.

Both Octopulse wavemakers include magnetic mounts. The back of the pump is convex and the inside glass magnet mount is concave. The 360 degree magnet cradle allows you to angle the Octopulse wavemaker in almost any direction for improved performance. The pumps are quiet, powerful and setup is as about as easy as it gets for any controllable DC pump.

Included Features:
360° Range of Adjustment
Articulating Magnetic Mount
Strong Rare Earth Magnet Impeller
Compact & Durable Construction
Silent Operation
2 Year Limited Warranty
4 Pulsing Patterns
8 Speed Settings
Dual Feed Mode – 15 or 60 min
0-10 V External Controller Connection (for many 3rd party aquarium controllers)

Octopulse Pulse 2 Features & Specifications MORE

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