Meetings with Octopus Pt.2

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I love the chance to photograph octopuses.  In  my last post I showed some images taken in the Mediterranean, featuring the Common Octpopus (Octopus vulgaris).  I realize, to my shame, I am not entirely sure which species I’m looking at in this series of images, though I suspect the first few images show O. cyaneus.

This series of shots were taken in the Red Sea, where O. cyaneus is common.

This animal was a little freaked by my presence and has altered its skin texture to try to blend in with the coral rubble.  I left it alone after taking my shots to allow it to get on with its business.  I think the white color indicates fear or stress, so better to let them be.

The animal below was photographed in the Gulf of Oman.
I was looking to try to get a slightly more artistic composition.  I’ll let you decide if it works or not…

My final shots show animals from the Maldives. The octo below seems very happy amidst amidst an algae dominated reef and did in fact approach me, flicking an arm across my camera. Again I’m not sure of the species; are the white spots on the arms useful for ID?

My last octopus is also my favorite, solely due to the fact that it looks a bit grumpy.  I know, I know, it isn’t, but I can’t help myself. My human brain is always on the lookout for “faces”, and there are so many out there. Does anyone else feel the same?

If anyone can offer any ID help I’d be very grateful.


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