Microscopic clownfish!

You’ll forgive the pixellation when you realize how impossibly tiny this image is.

Researchers from Scrona Ltd. and ETH Zurich joined forces to create the world’s smallest image certified by Guinness World Record.  All this detail is contained in only 0.0092 mm² (1.42600285e-5 in²), which is no wider than a human hair!  This equates to an astounding resolution of 25,000 DPI!

Quite fitting for its reef subject, the research team employed a type of inkjet-printable LED technology called quantum dots, which Advanced Aquarist has written about before, to paint the microscopic clownfish and anemone.  And when we say microscopic, we really mean it: only 30 µm (0.001 inches) in length!

[via DailyMail.co.uk]

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