Millepora Love

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You’ve got to love Acropora millepora specimens.  They have the movement not often seen with other Acropora species.  The polyp structure and fuzzy appearance is second to none when speaking about this species.  The polyps flowing to and fro with current really catch ones attention.  They also come in a rainbow of color variations.  From the more common green varieties to the striking pink specimens to the more rare blue ones, they all have striking beauty.  They tend to require strong lighting and strong random flow to look the best.  Low nutrients along with stable parameters and excellent water quality will bring out the best colors and accessory pigments.  The growth can be quite rapid on some specimens.  They also seem to be very hardy in most scenarios when a healthy coral is the starting point.  The captive grown pieces do very well under many types of lighting as long as the required amount of par is supplied.  I have always loved the millepora corals and included several in my personal aquariums.


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