While working as Director of Marketing at Living Color Aquariums and directly for Middle Eastern royalty for several  years, I learned a great deal about the luxury aquarium market and the endless possibility for aquarium design when money is no object. Custom aquarium designs can come in any shape or size imaginable, and can accommodate every whim of their ultra-rich owners.  The rise of reality TV shows like Tanked and Fish Tank Kings (my personal favorite) has helped to fuel the desire for custom, high end aquariums.

Photo Credit- Aquarium Architecture

A 2,645-gallon saltwater tank built by Aquarium Architecture, valued at $310,000, houses a rare Gem Tang

In addition to ATM and Living Color, there are several other companies that create impressive custom tanks, some of which are mentioned in this recent Wall Street Journal Article about luxury home aquariums. With more companies entering the luxury custom aquarium market, we should expect to see the extravagant custom aquarium trend to continue.

The more complicated or unusual the design, the steeper the price. Custom aquariums can range from a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars. Custom woodwork, installation, plumbing, and lighting are just some of the costs. Maintenance on these tanks is a whole another expense, with costs easily exceeding $1.00 per gallon per month. MORE

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