We’re asking members of the marine aquarium hobby to answer the 5 questions below on video so we can aggregate the answers for mini MACNA!

Please take a horizontal selfie video or have someone else record you saying your answers to the 5 questions.

Please keep the total video length under 5 minutes.

Don’t want to answer all 5 questions? That is ok! Please answer at least 2 questions.

We will be aggregating the answers and cutting them together to present at mini MACNA.

Please submit your response video to us by 10pm Eastern on February 24.

You can upload your response video here

1: What has been your biggest challenge in reefkeeping?

2: What is your current challenge in reefkeeping?

3: What do you see as a future challenge in reefkeeping?

4: Do you have any advice on how to overcome challenges in reefkeeping?

5: What are your top 3 lessons learned since you have been in the marine aquarium hobby?

Thank you for your help in making mini MACNA a success!

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