Monday Archives: Montipora Placement

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Corals | 0 comments

undata and straw patch
Many Montipora species can co exist and add striking color differences in reef aquariums.  This is one quality that compliments the lower light and less demanding bio types as well as shaded areas in the contrary. These plating Montipora corals were allowed to grow in close proximity given the low aggression displayed in these specimen.  Over time they can be allowed to touch with little or no death and co exist comfortably.  The seed fragments for the Montipora undata at he top of the image came from Steve Tyree lineage and has grown in captivity for 8 years.  The red polyp Montipora tuberclosa below originated from Jason Fox and has been growing for 3 years from a small seed fragment.


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