unnamedTHANK YOU! For years aquarists have struggled with the plight of aquarium noise – splashing, splooshing, humming and what some may swear could be the sound of fish chomping as they chow down on their favorite foods. Well, some of us need to sleep at night, so thankfully, Neptune Systems has come out with the perfect solution for this dilemma

The QED, Queit Echo Driver, is a noise cancelling headphone set that allows you to enjoy your serene aquascape in the state that you should – absolute silence.

Solved. Finally. For Good.

Aquariums are meant to be seen. Not heard. For far too long aquarists have fought the good fight against aquarium equipment – forever trying to reach the holy grail of tank-silence. Product after product continues to only slightly improve on reducing the din of the average aquarium – but they are never truly silent. It is time to put an end to it all. For good.

Just slip on the QED by Neptune Systems, plug its AquaBus cable into your apex, and enjoy your 120 gallons of coral fantasy in complete silent bliss! The advanced patent-pending aqua-quantum noise cancellation DSP on the QED listens and identifies every piece of aquarium equipment (pumps, feeder, skimmer, light fans) and then creates a cancelling wave for each and every tiny sound.  The result is uncanny.

“I could not believe my ears” said James Sankyo an alpha-tester for the product “it’s like they took the entire aquarium and turned it off – but its still running!”

No, there is no Bluetooth for your phone. No jack for your iPod. This is all about aquarium enjoyment in uninterrupted pure silence.

More information will be coming soon – but for now just know that we have listened to our customers and the solution to the cacophony that is your aquarium is not far off.


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