Neptune Systems announces new PMUP

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Reef, Science | 0 comments

Nope this is not a typo, The new PMUP, Practical Multi Purpose Utility Pump, is Neptune Systems’ latest product announcement.  The PMUP is designed to interface with the Neptune Apex controllers as an Auto-Top Off pump, Calcium or Carbon reactor pump.  The maximum head pressure is 14 feet and the max GPH is 100 GPH. The Neptune site is states that it can be used with Biopellets. Larger Biopellet reactors require a much greater GPH, making this a new pump alternative for smaller reactors.  At a diminutive 4.58″ x 2.24″ size, this pump can fit nicely into most jug openings or ATO reservoirs. The PMUP can easily be connected in 2 fashions.  One option is to simply stretch silicon tubing over the intake side of the PMUP.  The MORE

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