Neptune Systems FMK – Flow Monitoring Kit

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The Flow Monitoring Kit (FMK) is an innovative new addition to the Apex system from Neptune, designed to measure the flow of your aquarium’s pumps and notify you immediately if the flow stops for any reason. Once installed inline to your pump, the kit allows you to monitor the flow rate going through that device on the Apex Fusion dashboard, and easily configure and adjust the pump’s settings from anywhere.  The industrial-grade flow sensors work using either a turbine or paddle-wheel mechanism (depending on the model) to measure the flow. The kit comes with:

The Fluid Monitoring Module (FMM)
One 1″ flow sensor
Two 1/2″ flow sensors
Two 1″ unions
Four 1/2″ adapters

neptune plans to release more kits in the future that will work with the Fluid Monitoring Module, which comes equipped with 4 ports, including a DC24 Accessory port just like the ones on their Energy Bar 832 and 1Link module. Accessories such as their PMUP utility pump, leak detection, and optical water level sensing can be attached to the module, as well as additional flow sensors; the company has 2″ and 1/4″ sensors available.

The FMK is compatible with all apex systems, including the apex Jr. and apex Classic.

It is important to note that the flow rate that will be reported back to you from the flow sensors will likely be far lower than you expect or what is printed on the pump label or documentation. This is due to head pressure loss from physical height differences, long runs, restrictions such as ball valves, fittings like elbows, tees, and reducers, and then finally the loc-line many use as the entry point into their tanks. As an example, a pump rated at 3200gph will likely be showing less than half that amount in nearly all applications.

The kit retails for $199.95, and is currently being shipped out to Neptune-certified resellers, many of whom are taking pre-orders right now, and should be receiving the equipment within the next week. Sales outside of North America will begin in 8-10 weeks.

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