Listen up all of you would-be guinea pigs, Neptune Systems is looking to try out the beta version of their upcoming Apex Fusion software. According to a recent announcement, beta versions of their Apex controller firmware and their highly touted Apex Fusion service will become available later this month. Due to the groundswelling of requests from hobbyists to be beta testers, Neptune is making the system available in a limited supply. To be considered, all you have to do is go to the neptune Systems website and fill out an application letting them know a little about your system. There is no listed minimum requirements to be a beta tester, and it would appear that Neptune Systems will focus on apex, apex Lite, and apex Jr. users alike. For those of you not familiar with apex Fusion, it is a new service that will allow apex users to access and modify the settings of their controllers from the cloud. MORE: Neptune Systems Looking for Beta Testers for their Apex Fusion Software

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