This Saturday is our favorite event of the year.  Not because we get to rub shoulders with reef glitterati like Joe Yaiullo, Laura Birenbaum, Justin Credable and more, but because of the awesome lineup that LIRA has planned.  For example, you get the following:

Guest Speakers: Julian Sprung, Andrew Rhyne, Charles Delbeek
Admission to the Long Island Aquarium
Vendor Show including many livestock sellers
Awesome catered lunch (seriously good eats!)
Huge Raffle!

And if you decide to stay for the evening Gala, you can expect:

VIP access to the aquarium exhibits
Backstage access to the 20,000 reef tank
Dinner in front of the displays
Open Bar!
Live Music
And the high probability that a penguin or two may join you on the dance floor!

Seriously, can you beat this event?  Not a chance.  Register NOW and we’ll see you there.

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