New 3-dimensional camera developed for deep sea exploration

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New 3-dimensional camera developed for deep sea exploration

A team from WHOI uses a new super high-resolution panoramic camera system affixed to a small remotely operated vehicle to explore a coral reef in Palau. Image courtesy of Bill Lange.

“We’re looking at human vision and trying to recreate the same sort of experience in remote locations. The more we can put the scientist’s or pilot’s or observer’s brain down in a remote location, the better the experience for everyone,” states William Lange at WHOI’s Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory.

The new camera fits in the palm of your hand and is affixed to underwater ROV’s allowing researchers to see underwater locations in IMAX quality 3D, which will allow for better observation of target areas. The system uses a unique 3-camera configuration to provide the 3-dimensional view whereas traditional 3D systems use only two cameras.  The new camera system may also provide new and improved applications on land as well.

“These tools open up all sorts of possibilities,” says Lange, “but like any new technology, how you use the tools is almost as important as the tools themselves.”

(via PNAS)


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