New controller boards from Adaptive Reef and Coralvue

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Fellow reefers, if, like me, you are not handy at DIY-ing, rejoice! Now you can make your tank equipment look all organized like a fancy pro reefer. I have been following Kyle Elder of Adaptive Reef’s work for years now and had him custom build a board for me and its looks, functionality, and safety features were featured in a MACNA 2017 talk by a good friend, Austin Lefevre.

Look at 37:36 mark.


After my board was made, it got a lot of attention from the industry and I introduced it to many people in the hobby from youtubers like George of Coralfish 12g to companies like Marine Depot and Coralvue. Soon, making affordable, attractive boards commercially available for not so talented people like myself having a tank of those fancy and dandy DIYers was becoming a reality. Made with PVC materials, it’s not only durable, it’s also easy to modify or drill to accommodate future upgrades.

Here in this video, you can see it in its inception stage, where Kyle got together with Marine Depot to release the first edition of his boards at Reef A Palooza New York show.

Fast forward some, and Kyle has gotten even more prolific and amazing in his craft and has made huge steps forward by partnering up with Coralvue to create many different types of boards and interchangeable templates for our industry’s most popular controllers, pumps, modules, and dosers to fit the specific needs of different hobbyists and their ever growing line of fancy equipment.

What are the benefits? 

1.) For those of you that want to display your equipment, it will properly showcase the fancy pieces that you have.

2.) It organizes the wires underneath the stand.

3.) It keeps your equipment away from potential saltwater splashes and saltcreeps, extending the lifespan of the expensive units that you have invested in.

From lines from Ecotech Marine, neptune Systems, and GHL, to the latest Hydros Controllers from Coralvue, many different options are available.

 What about other equipment? Do you dose? 

Check out the templates here that show slots for the DOS doser and the one for the GHL doser counterpart. I am sure more of popular units in our trade will be coming soon.  (Versa and Kamoer, I’m looking at you!)







In conclusion, this is the ultimate organizer tool for people that are not handy like myself, that will upgrade your aquarium to another level by providing slick, flush profiles of these units. It will not only be pleasing to look at, but it will be easier to organize and tidy up the wires while keeping the important electrical and brain units of components away from the saltwater splashes and creeps, keeping everything in operation for a longer period of time. Definitely something that one can consider in their build or in future builds. White is th only color available right now, but black versions are in the works so you should be able to choose which version you like the best and you can find all of these units in Coralvue’s website to find a Coralvue partner store near you.

Happy reefing!

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