New Danio species

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New Danio species

Photos of preserved male (top) and female (bottom) specimens of Danio annulosus. Live specimens are similarly colored.

Type locality for Danio annulosus
Type locality for Danio annulosus

2015 has been a very busy year when it comes to new Danio species from southern Asia (India, Nepal, and Bangladesh).  A remarkable six novel species have been described thus far, already marking 2015 as the most prolific year ever for danio discovery.  The six species are:

  • Danio absconditus
  • Danio annulosus
  • Danio assamila
  • Danio catenatus
  • Danio concatenatus
  • Danio sysphigmatus


    Five of the six new species share very similar “chain-link” patterns to the newest species, D.annulosus.  Only Danio absconditus, below, differs with a more vertical “tiger-striped” pattern.

    Welcome to the family!

    Danio absconditus
    Danio absconditus

    [via Zootaxa]

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