New Devices Being Added to the List of Apex Ready Equipment

by | Jan 16, 2013 | Equipment | 0 comments

At MACNA last year, Neptune Systems unveiled a new program called Apex Ready which promised to be a system that allowed users to have some serious control over various other brands of aquarium equipment through any one of the AquaController aquarium controllers and when using the Apex Dashboard. Essentially, if a product was Apex Ready or Apex Ready+, it could be controlled with any internet capable device like a computer or smartphone, allowing users to dim their LED lights from an iPad, for example. Additionally, approved devices would enjoy the benefit of being able to use additinal features that may not be achievable by just plugging it into a controlled outlet. At the time of this unveiling, we already knew products from EcoTech Marine, Tunze, and Aqua Illumination were compatible with the AquaControllers and would benefit from apex Ready. And we’re happy to report that Neptune Systems has added more products to the list, with more equipment being made apex Ready as more manufacturers get on board. Read More

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