New Dwarf Cuttlefish at Henry Doorly Zoo!

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Dwarf_cuttlefish_(Sepia_bandensis) by the High Fin Sperm Whale

Dwarf cuttlefish. Photo: High Fin Sperm Whale/Wikimedia Commons

The newest residents at the Henry Doorly Zoo have ten tentacles, swim via jet propulsion, squirt ink at potential danger and are masters of camouflage.  Yes, the zoo has cuttlefish!!Sixteen dwarf cuttlefish are now on display near the giant Pacific octopus exhibit.   These little guys are only 4 inches (10cm) in size when adults (the size of your computer mouse), but they are big on the cuteness scale.  Beware though; they only live for a year so don’t get too attached!

Want one?

Unlike the octopus, cuttles can be kept in groups, although too many males together can cause fights to break out.  Tank mates such as fish, shrimp and crabs are to be avoided as the cuttles are very good hunters and can take down prey 3 to 4 times their size.  Hermit crabs, starfish and non-stinging corals are better bets as tank mates.
NB: It is recommended that only advanced aquarists take on the challenge of keeping and breeding these little guys.

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