New Era Aquaculture was founded in 2004.  Thanks to food products with high nutritional value and palatability for a wide range of fish, New Era quickly established itself as a preferred food choice for public aquariums, then consequently home aquariums as well. (Yours truly feeds his fish with New Era grazing disks.)

However, the company has been hit hard by the cost of trademark litigation in the United States, forcing a change in corporate structuring.  World Feeds has taken over New Era and will rebrand New Era as Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition in the UK and Balance Aquatic Nutrition in North America.  The same management team will still run the daily operations, so we do not expect any changes in quality and service under the new brand names.

World Feed’s takeover will also inject capital into operations, allowing for expansion of current production and warehousing facilities adjacent to existing infrastructure to meet the company’s growing demand.

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