New firmware available for Reefkeeper Elite and Reefkeeper Lite systems

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New firmware available for Reefkeeper Elite and Reefkeeper Lite systems

ReefKeeper Lite and ReefKeeper Elite controllers.

For those of you that are using the Reefkeeper Elite and Reefkeeper Lite controllers, you will want to update to the latest firmware version.  According to the release announcement the upgrade takes care of a number of software bugs that users have reported and it also adds new functionality to the controllers.

Some highlights of the new features include:

  • Improved Advanced Light function
  • Improved Advanced Pump function
  • Added the ability to remove ghost modules without a factory reset
  • Added the ability to program, edit and save functions via the NET module
  • Updated the SDO output to support the latest Aqua Illuminations firmware
  • Improved lunar cycle

For the full release announcement, head over to the following forum post:


(via Digital Aquatics)


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